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Size: 70 x 70 mm Source: gravestone of Hartmann von Kroneberg, 1372, German, Taunus Mountains, North Rhine-Westphalia
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Zbarazh buckle 1200-1500 (Code: EB-08)
Size: 26 х 22 mm Belt width: 16-22mm
5.00 EUR
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Size: 25x18 mm Belt width - 10-12 mm
3.00 EUR
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Buckles are an important element of material culture in Middle Ages. There are many buckles in archaeological excavations throughout Europe. These findings was made of steel and tin, copper, bronze, silver and brass. They were used for fasten belts and girdles, as well as for shoes, garters, bags and armor. For horse harness, buckles was also indispensable. 

According to Wikipedia, the buckle basically consists of four main components: the frame, bar, chape, and prong. Archaeological findings of Roman epoch - buckles looks like a simple "D"-shaped frame, where the prong or tongue reach out from one side to the other. In the 14th century, namely Renaissance epoch, buckles with a double-loop or "8"-shaped frame was invented. The prongs of these buckles attach to the center post. The appearance of multi-part buckles with chapes and removable pins take place in the 17th century. 

In this category of our site, presented bronze buckles of medieval and 
Renaissance Europe, actually reconstruction according to archeological and visual sources. They will perfectly decorate your costume for living history event.

We offer You to select medieval buckle according to your needs.




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