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Floral belt mount 1440-1500 (Code: EM-23)

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Floral belt mount 1440-1500
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Diameter 15 mm

Length of leg 12 mm

Thickness of leg 3 mm

Historically accurate replica of medieval mount/rivet, available for sale.

The round mount with floral ornament can be used and for the decoration of belts and as rivets for helmet or armour.

In the absence of goods in stock you can order it and we will cast during 10-21 days



coating of metal:

20 pcs. - 29 pcs. 2.25 EUR / pcs.
30 pcs. - 49 pcs. 2.18 EUR / pcs.
50 pcs. - 100 pcs. 2.05 EUR / pcs.
Price: 2.50 EUR
Weight: 0.0055 Kg


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