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Medieval Tents - marching home for reenactor. Based on the historical sources. Size: 1.8 * 1,6 * 3,8 m
299.00 EUR
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In this category we offer medieval tents for sale.

High-quality medieval tents made in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

Our tents will give you a lot of space for sleeping place as well as for reenactment stuff. Design is based on the historical sources, but we use modern sewing technology and waterproof fabric. Fabric density 300 g give it a medium water resistant and does not spoil the appearance of a medieval camp. Our historical tents are appropriate to high standards of authenticity.

After 12 years sewing in our workshop in Ukraine, we decided to sell tents wordwide.

We accept custom orders for tents.

Normally, we use 300 g canvas. For an optional, you can order medieval tent with heavier fabric (350 g) /other measurements /anti-fungae and hydrophobic /different color etc...



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