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Knight belts

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Knight girdle (Code: EB02+EE15+EM19*25+EM06*5)
Width: 35 mm Length: 150 cm
165.00 EUR
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Length ap. 105 cm Width 5 cm Belt: a buckle + 18 round plaques + 34 trefoil
395.00 EUR
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Length 105 cm Width 45 mm Belt: buckle + 22 mounts
299.00 EUR
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Belt Black Prince (red enamel) (Code: KG-02_Red)
Round plaques size 45x45 mm Trefoil mounts size 23x23 mm Buckle size 70x70 mm
400.00 EUR
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In medieval Europe, the belt pointed to the owner as a representative of a particular social group or profession.

Knight belt was a sign of belonging to a knight status. Original findings of knight belts were richly decorated with golden and silver mounts, enameled and painted plaques, and precious stones as well. Medieval goldsmiths worked hard to create these luxury belts, emptying the wallets of knights, that was ready for any expenditure for the sake of a precious status jewellery. The price of a belt often exceeded the cost of a knight's horse.

In our workshop we make handcrafted replicas of medieval knight girdles. High-quality castings assembled on leather belt, with 100% historical authenticity. 


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