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Kievan Rus' & Scandinavia

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from 70.00 EUR
Encolpion reliquary cross 11-13 century.
Size: 75*40 mm
Material: silver.
Weight: 30 g.
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from 19.00 EUR
Viatichi Tribal Temporal rings
Size: 70x 60 mm
Source: archaeological finding
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from 45.00 EUR
Broad folding bracelet
Width 4,8 cm
Circumference 19 cm
Source: archaeological finding
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65.00 EUR
Size 42x35 mm
Silver, handmade
Weight 13 g pair
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65.00 EUR
Size: 55x50 mm
Brass metal work
Weight - 30 g pair

In this category we offer for sale replica of historical jewellery.  Design based on archeological findings of 9-13 centuries from Kievan Rus' and Scandinavia countries. 

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